From idea to iRM

14 07 2008

Anyone who is an entrepreneur knows that the way to grow your brand is exposure, exposure, and more exposure. Working and living in a Social Media atmosphere I was surprised at the lack of exposure that many companies and small businesses displayed in this space.  My circle of friends rarely watched TV or listened to the radio, but were logged in to Facebook, Twitter, WoW, etc, many hours of the day.  I started to wonder, what if companies could some how use these social communities to advertise and scale their brand without retracting from the digital environment that users had become accustomed to.  Recently, networking super-site Facebook unveiled an advertising platform that could virally market brands to millions, but this was only a small piece of the puzzle.

Putting this idea to work I realized that helping entrepreneurs tap into this unfamiliar territory was the highest priority.   I pitched this idea to a fellow colleague a couple of weeks later, and iRM was created.

What we do at iRM is not overwhelm an entrepreneur or company with countless social communities and blogspheres that they should “link to,” but rather design a Digital Ecosystem that is best suited for their brand and their vision.  The iRM Digital Ecosystem is a tailored blueprint of various social media resources that a client can utilize for brand exposure.

In coming entries we will explore in depth the pros and cons to using Social Media as a means of advertising and various resources that are available for entrepreneurs.