Staying Connected yet Enjoying Life

29 05 2009

With Social Media comes the temptation of being constantly connected.  “Digging this,” “Tweeting that” or “Stumbling on something.”  Granted some people find their greatest reward in sharing information with other 24 hours, 7 days a week. But what about those who want a healthy balance?  Having a fulfilled lifestyle yet being on the pulse of related to Social Media and cutting edge technology.


Recently I came across   It is a site dedicated to exploring the different ways that people use their creative prowess and new technology to excel in their professional life without compromising their personal life.

I found it absolutely interesting because in my opinion those who rely on social media professionally (and other high tech careers) often times feel the uneven balance between work life and personal life.  In your own Lifestyle Design how intertwined is your professional and personal life?