Carlos Can Help You

Worried about losing your job? Finding out you are behind the times and how to use the web and 2.0 social networking sites to improve sales and marketing performance? Or to find a new job?
What is Web 2.0?
Why should I create a web-based social network?
How will I overcome feeling uncomfortable about an online presence?
How do I protect my privacy?
What do I say?
Whom will I meet?
How will they help me?
How can I possibly help others?
How will this help me do my current job?
How will this help me find a new job or better yet follow my calling?

These questions have stopped some people in their tracks, but I can help via one-on-one coaching in my San Francisco office, your home, your favorite cafe or over the phone (Skype too!).

I am a Social Media Consultant & Trainer to anyone desiring to be Web 2.0 savvy, but especially to Baby Boomers. Why so? In February of 2007 I elected to leave behind a 28 year corporate career and was determined to find meaningful work.  I soon learned there is a HUGE difference between work and doing one’s calling. The good news was meaningful work was to be found, but I was way behind, in fact too far behind in knowing how make beneficial use of the web and especially social media networking sites.

My passion is to show my fellow professional how to develop networks and connections via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in an integrated and cross-promotional manner. These relationships are the pathways to discover opportunities and clients.

Business owners, corporate executives, service professionals and entrepreneurs have trusted me and I have also learned much from them to help you.

My Philosophy

  • Be authentically seen.
  • Find.
  • Create an emotional connection to enhance your communities of choice.

My Approach

  • Cultivate understanding of your professional needs.
  • Understand your visions, values and life’s interests.
  • Assess resume.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the role of Social Media in business.
  • Survey different social networking sites, namely LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Understand the networking site’s home page and its various options.
  • Build or enhance an on-line profile.
  • Understand the protocol of how to connect with people.
  • Learn how to receive and offer recommendations.
  • Use of group function to engage in two-way conversation
  • Be motivated to voice expertise via Q&A or News-Feed mode.
  • Gain knowledge from others.
  • Convert knowledge management to competitive advantage.

I really enjoy helping people and welcome being contacted at CarlosHernandezSF at gmail dot com.

Carlos’ LinkedIn Profile


7 responses

9 12 2008
Balance of the free and earning a living « RSMA

[…] Helping Baby Boomers use social media networking tools to ensure they stay employable […]

4 05 2009
How to strike a balance between giving content away for free and earning a living | Escape From Cubicle Nation

[…] Helping Baby Boomers use social media networking tools to ensure they stay employable […]

17 09 2009
Mike Murphy

SFAMA needs your phone number

23 01 2010

Contact me at CarlosHernandezSF at gmail dot com

23 10 2009

I wrote this blog post below in reaction to the baby boomer friends and associates I interact with. I think what you’re doing is great!

30 10 2009
Helena Liber

Dear Carlos,

I have meet you at Graceworks. Congratulations on the launch of this website. I wish you much success!

Do you offer any classes in Social Media? I cannot afford to pay individual fees, but maybe I could pay for a short class or group work. More than a one-time talk, however.


23 01 2010

Dear Helena,

My apologies for a very tardy reply.

Let’s be sure to connect…my email address is carloshernandezsf at gmail dot com.

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