JetSetZero: Where Social Media meets Adventure

3 09 2008
The Field Team of JS0

The Field Team of JS0

Since January of this year I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the Jet Set Zero (or JS0 as we call it) team in creating, brainstorming, and mapping out the innovative concept of using social media and HD footage to document traveling around the world as cost efficient as possible.  Departure time for the field team has finally arrived, and in less than 12 hours they will leave Seattle for Vietnam, their home for the next three months.  As they embark on the traveling aspect of the project the “Engagment Team” of which I am a part of plan to heavily promote the project using social media to get the word out that following Jet Set Zero is worthwhile.  Ever wanted to travel, but haven’t had the time or the means to do so? Follow JetSetZero to find out how they make the adventure happen.

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