Tony’s Services

As a Social Media Consultant I seek to empower new entrepreneurs by introducing various social media platforms that could be instrumental in vital brand exposure. Additionally, I provide professional coaching services for those who wish to build out their business idea to include long term projections.

What I can offer you?

  • Weekly or bi weekly consultations
  • Personalized Digital Ecosystem: Brand Campaigns across several Social Media Platforms
  • Traditional Marketing Campaigns
  • Research and analysis of trends and demographics based on need


2 responses

30 10 2008
Brenda Mcgee-Yeldell

Tony, you are MY ANGEL! Thank you for how you look at things and who you are! B:)

4 08 2009

Hello, I’m looking for some help breaking into the social media sphere with my business. I’m not sure what I need at this point. I just wanted to see what kind of budget I would need and what types of services you offer.

Also, if possible I’d like some links to your past work along with how you managed the content roadmap process. I’d also like to know what metrics you used and how you reported results to past clients.

Thank you for your time.



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