B2B and Social Media

5 02 2009


How can Social Media Tools enhance a B2B Relationship? Having always thought of social media as a way of establishing one’s brand, I never really paid much attention to the various ways that companies could use SM to establish a relationship with other companies.


In my opinion B2C has been more flexible and open to using somewhat unwieldy social media resources. However, it is becoming apparent that B2B relationships are tapping into social media to enhance their perspective brands. iMediaConnection’s article “How to use social media in B2B Marketing.” Is a great starting point for those looking to strengthen their B2B relationships. The article points out that B2B use of social media is centered around the idea of creating profitable exposure for both companies by harnessing the viral force that social media communities offer. I would take this notion a step farther and suggest that in order for this venture to succeed both companies have to already have some type of presence in the social media realm. Chris Brogan describes this principle as “Be there before the Sale.” In order to get any type of value out of social media you have to be willing to engage on a very basic level in order to see any type of return. Through both companies, the consumer needs to see and feel that there is a realistic interaction occurring between them and both companies to warrant future brand loyalty.

Although B2B is different from B2C, their focus is ultimately the same: finding an innovative way of connecting with their audience.  What are your thoughts?




One response

6 02 2009

B2B and social media is a great combination. Not only for promoting/helping one another but how about finding jv’s, advertising (places to place advertising), partners ect… The possibilities are endless.

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