Sharing with your Clients: DPM for Social Media

23 03 2009

Today, I was reading an iMedia Connection article entitled “ A Scalable Agency Solution for an Ailing Economy.”  In it David Shor was discussing that due to the plummeting nature of our economy many brands are outsourcing their sales initiatives to their marketing agencies.  In turn the marketing agencies share revenue that is generated for their client, which Shor calls DPM or Digital Performance Marketing arrangements.

While this type of partnership seems as a win-win some brands are hesitant to share with another party who’s primary objective is to further their own brand.  I pondered how this collaboration exists in the Social Media environment.  For example, iRM is an advocate for the small business entrepreneur.  Those who want to see their professional dreams expand, but may not have the resources to harnesses their potential.  We actively share our knowledge with those willing to engage which in turns allows iRM to thrive as we develop our own dreams.

Although there is little revenue involved I see this as a type of DPM partnership as it is knowledge about social media communities and experience that is being shared between two parties as a stepping stone to greater success.  Whether you have 1 client or 100, the question you must ask yourself at some point is “How much are you sharing with your clients, and whether or not both parties are benefiting from the partnership?”