“Fake it til you make it” Party of None, Some, or Many?

14 10 2009

In my morning blog roundup I came across a very interesting post from Corbett Barr over at FreePursuits.com.  In the article he was discussing how the “fake it til you make it” mentality has gone somewhat awry in the arena online business and marketing.  I’m sure we can think of a people who brand themselves as “experts”, “visionaries”, etc in the contact of social media and marketing.  Admittedly I have been guilty of this as well with my own tag line as “social media visionary.”  However, the way Corbett puts it: it’s how you apply this  mentality that will eventually lead to your success or downfall.


I’ll use myself as an example.  When the concept of IRM was being formed I immediately jumped on the wagon and branded myself a “visionary.”  That’s a pretty strong branding title considering I was brand new to twitter, but not so new to other social media platforms.  When speaking to clients I made sure to explain my own journey in understanding how social media helped (and continues) to build my own brand through various endeavors.  I brought the confidence I had to the table assuring that with my help someone could realize their own personal success with the help of various online platforms.  After reading and re-reading Corbett’s post it gave me a little nudge that sometimes happen when you become complacent in your current settings.  The F.I.T.Y.M.I mentality is only helpful if you are constantly staying ahead of the curve absorbing information that can help you achieve another piece of the puzzle or otherwise you are in for a rude awakening.