Offering the free gift of Success

12 09 2009

This morning I awoke to a very unusual thunderstorm taking place.  While certainly strange for San Francisco it oddly resonated with me as I began my weekend ritual of coffee and catching up on various reading materials. The spark, the motivation to shake things up and reflect on what events have lead me to current disposition.


It has been 18 months since Carlos and I decided to embark on a journey that has allowed us to meet some many creative people both in the social media realm and out.  The mission of IRM was very simple: Offering the Free Gift of Success.  Although, my past couple of months have been spent in the medical industry Carlos has been steadfast in helping people achieve their dream through the use of social media.  Through workshops and speaking engagments, Carlos has been able to display that all you need is an idea and vehicle to get you to success.  Although a simple concept often times it’s difficult to implement against the backdrop of outside demands on one’s time and energy.  But as I am reminded again of the displaced thunderstorm, stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to truly begin your ascent to success.  Things may be bumpy, uncertain, and sometimes bleak, but your passion should continue to blaze a torch to something greater.