Hope has come…with the help of Social Media?

22 01 2009


And now the day after.  While witnessing what I consider to be a major event in the lives of all Americans I realized I had the best seat at the inauguration..right in front of my computer screen.  Attempting to remain productive during the events of yesterday proved even more tedious as my CNN/Facebook screen was constantly updating with my Friends’ statuses who were also watching history in the making.  We, the people, involved in this real-time exchange of information also made history.  Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter saw their traffic reach outrageous numbers as more and more people joined the conversation about the installation of our 44th President of the United States.  Carlos Hernandez, iRM’s Chief Evangelist, wrote an awesome piece, “On This Day…Ultimate Networking,” about how social media was at the forefront of sharing information during this historic time in America.

“As for me, the day held great significance, not as a person of color, but as an American.”  These words spoken by my mother during our daily conversation sums up how I feel about the recent turn of events, and keeps me inspired for what is to come.

The iRM blog is not political in nature, but Carlos and I felt that it was important to share our thoughts.

Yes we can!




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