The Status Update vs. The Tweet

11 03 2009

Within the past week I have noticed a slight increase in the number of people who are following me on twitter.  While most are new social media gurus looking to connect and share ideas, others are recognizable old friends.  “How did they know I’m on Twitter,” was my first thought, but then I realized that I had a Twitter app located my Facebook profile.  Still these friends were die hard Facebookers, and in the past when we discussed Twitter their simple response was, “I don’t get Twitter.”  Given the new revelation I decided to hold an informal debate regarding the issue.  The consistent theme of this debate was the difference between static and dynamic conversation.


A number of the new Twitter converts were recently unemployed and tapping every possible outlet for job leads.  With Twitter they felt that they had a better chance of stumbling upon someone who were currently in their desired industry, and hopefully by following their tweets could get the jump on possible job openings.  “Why not use Facebook for the same purpose,” I asked at the height of the debate.  Although the Facebook status update is similar to a tweet, they function somewhat differently in their perspective environments.  FB status updates are normally viewed as a user’s personal real-time diary; how they’re feeling, what they’re doing.  Where as a tweet, while used for the same purpose, by in a large contains a dynamic piece of information whether it be a question up for debate or a link to outside information.

The intersection for these two mediums of social media is of course the ability to import your tweets to your FB status updates.  While this tool is handy, I believe that sometimes the chaotic nature of the tweet is lost when translated over to Facebook.  It becomes lost in the jungle of photos, fan page updates, and friend profile changes that  have a tendency to clog the News Feed.  The debate ended with everyone exchanging their Twitter handles and a couple of “I’ll be sure to follow you!”  However, I was left with this question:

How is it that two seemingly similar social media tools function entirely different in the same environment?


B2B and Social Media

5 02 2009


How can Social Media Tools enhance a B2B Relationship? Having always thought of social media as a way of establishing one’s brand, I never really paid much attention to the various ways that companies could use SM to establish a relationship with other companies.


In my opinion B2C has been more flexible and open to using somewhat unwieldy social media resources. However, it is becoming apparent that B2B relationships are tapping into social media to enhance their perspective brands. iMediaConnection’s article “How to use social media in B2B Marketing.” Is a great starting point for those looking to strengthen their B2B relationships. The article points out that B2B use of social media is centered around the idea of creating profitable exposure for both companies by harnessing the viral force that social media communities offer. I would take this notion a step farther and suggest that in order for this venture to succeed both companies have to already have some type of presence in the social media realm. Chris Brogan describes this principle as “Be there before the Sale.” In order to get any type of value out of social media you have to be willing to engage on a very basic level in order to see any type of return. Through both companies, the consumer needs to see and feel that there is a realistic interaction occurring between them and both companies to warrant future brand loyalty.

Although B2B is different from B2C, their focus is ultimately the same: finding an innovative way of connecting with their audience.  What are your thoughts?

Hope has come…with the help of Social Media?

22 01 2009


And now the day after.  While witnessing what I consider to be a major event in the lives of all Americans I realized I had the best seat at the inauguration..right in front of my computer screen.  Attempting to remain productive during the events of yesterday proved even more tedious as my CNN/Facebook screen was constantly updating with my Friends’ statuses who were also watching history in the making.  We, the people, involved in this real-time exchange of information also made history.  Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter saw their traffic reach outrageous numbers as more and more people joined the conversation about the installation of our 44th President of the United States.  Carlos Hernandez, iRM’s Chief Evangelist, wrote an awesome piece, “On This Day…Ultimate Networking,” about how social media was at the forefront of sharing information during this historic time in America.

“As for me, the day held great significance, not as a person of color, but as an American.”  These words spoken by my mother during our daily conversation sums up how I feel about the recent turn of events, and keeps me inspired for what is to come.

The iRM blog is not political in nature, but Carlos and I felt that it was important to share our thoughts.

Yes we can!

New realities require new strategies

14 01 2009


A new year.  New beginnings of sorts.  I got the inspiration (and title) for this post from Suze Orman’s new book “2009 Action Plan“, which she is offering for free until tomorrow through Oprah’s website.  No doubt about it, the past couple of months have been a terrifying time for many people.  iRM was affected by the economic downturn in that we needed to maintain financial stability which meant (for me) going back into the workforce fulltime.  I don’t regret my decision, as it is important to stay afloat during times of uncertainity, however, I needed to find a way to still dedicate time to iRM while stretching that 9-5.

Carlos has been working effortlessly, speaking to professionals about the importance of social media and how it will enhance their brands.  Month after month iRM speaking engagments have increased as Carlos has honed his craft for articulating how social media can revolutionize the way you think about your company, your goals, and even your life.  Be sure to check out our speaking engagements page as it is updated with events in the SF Bay area.

So the new reality is that the landscape has changed for social media in lieu of recent economic events.  What does this mean for iRM; well first a new strategy.  Aggressively getting our clients and followers information that will shape their professional environments even in a time of uncertainity.  What to expect:  the next couple of posts will focus on how/if Social Media will survive the rather bleak forecast set of our economy, and how to properly position your brand.

What are your new strategies for the upcoming year?

Blogging 101: Don’t think

16 10 2008



When explaining the concept of blogging to older professionals a number of questions sound off:

How do I know what to write about?

How long should it be?

What If I have nothing to say?

It seems that before a single letter is typed a wave of panic has swept over the aspiring writer.  After working with a number of clients my advice has been reduced to two simple words “Don’t think.”  The reasoning behind this is that everyone has a story, an idea, or just something to say.  I encourage professionals to not think about the end result, but to simply write without barriers.  

Recently, iRM’s Chief Social Media Consultant, Carlos Hernandez  spoke to a group of professionals on the advantages of using blogging in job searches.  An explanation of his approach to blogging can be found at BB Creative Blog.

It isn’t about you

30 09 2008



Taking a step back and looking at the whole picture has kept iRM occupied for the past couple of weeks.  What are we attempting to accomplish?  How do we want to help people? Why do we want help people?  These were just a few questions that we wrestled with week after week.  Over the weekend after consulting with colleagues it became clear:


It’s not about iRM.


Once we took the emphasis off of ourselves things began to make a little more sense.  I firmly believe this realization is highly important when starting a new company.  As much as you would like your company to be successful it is helpful to remember that at the core should be the desire to help others by providing relevant services.

The tricky concept with providing Social Media Consulting is that you are constantly engaging in communities where it is the user who is projecting how things are impacting them. So the from the user standpoint social media is very “me” oriented, but this cannot be the case for the consultant. 

Although there is no quick fix the past month has been a great learning experience for iRM, and we look forward to fully helping others achieve their dreams.

JetSetZero: Where Social Media meets Adventure

3 09 2008
The Field Team of JS0

The Field Team of JS0

Since January of this year I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the Jet Set Zero (or JS0 as we call it) team in creating, brainstorming, and mapping out the innovative concept of using social media and HD footage to document traveling around the world as cost efficient as possible.  Departure time for the field team has finally arrived, and in less than 12 hours they will leave Seattle for Vietnam, their home for the next three months.  As they embark on the traveling aspect of the project the “Engagment Team” of which I am a part of plan to heavily promote the project using social media to get the word out that following Jet Set Zero is worthwhile.  Ever wanted to travel, but haven’t had the time or the means to do so? Follow JetSetZero to find out how they make the adventure happen.

JetSetZero: The Story

JetSetZero on Flickr