Blogging 101: Don’t think

16 10 2008



When explaining the concept of blogging to older professionals a number of questions sound off:

How do I know what to write about?

How long should it be?

What If I have nothing to say?

It seems that before a single letter is typed a wave of panic has swept over the aspiring writer.  After working with a number of clients my advice has been reduced to two simple words “Don’t think.”  The reasoning behind this is that everyone has a story, an idea, or just something to say.  I encourage professionals to not think about the end result, but to simply write without barriers.  

Recently, iRM’s Chief Social Media Consultant, Carlos Hernandez  spoke to a group of professionals on the advantages of using blogging in job searches.  An explanation of his approach to blogging can be found at BB Creative Blog.




3 responses

2 11 2008
Susan/Unique Business Opportunity

I happen to fall into the category of “older professionals” and you are absolutely right. I’m relatively new to Twitter and am still having trouble with what to say. I really like the idea of not thinking. I know for a fact that when I quit trying to think of something the creative juices start to flow in other areas of my life. It makes sense that it would also hold true with this type of communication.

29 12 2008

I suggest following @ChrisBrogan on Twitter.

I like his philosophy of scribing “What are You Thinking?” or “What Project Are You Working On?”

Carlos Hernandez

16 02 2009
Susa/Second Income Business

Perhaps you are right. I always have something to say, but have difficulty finding subjects to write about. When it comes to writing, it seems that it should be thought out clearly and be as perfect as possible. Is is really as simple as writing what I’m thinking?

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