Social Media Overload: Muting the Conversation

12 08 2008

It’s a typical Friday: long day at the office, ready for the clock to strike 5 or 6, and mentally planning your weekend.  In addition to your normal workload you have spent time updating your Facebook status, Twitter status, Loopt location, Flickr Stream, Livejournal, etc.  It has been a great week, but you wish to go offline for the weekend.  However, this nagging thought hits you, “What if I miss something cool or informative on my twitter feed or <insert your favorite social media community>?”  I find myself in this dilemma constantly.  With new social media communities launching literally every day how do you find the time to go offline?  Arguably, some people love being constantly connected;  their iPhones are always sounding an alert for an email, twitter update, etc.  While I respect those folks, there are some times that I simply need to mute the conversation.

I realized that if you’re not careful you will find yourself consumed by the almighty update or latest post.  It’s a hunger that seems to grow rapidly if not kept within boundries. That being said, it is important to engage in these various social media spaces fairly frequent, but at your own pace.  I get a rush from being a part of a thriving conversation; different ideas swirling around, and the amount of information flowing is amazing.  There are days when I’m knee deep in the Conversation Prism, while others I’m offline enjoying my other passions that don’t involve a keyboard. At the end of the day I think that in order to fully utilize the conversations that occur in social media communites you have to sometimes take a step back and let the conversation happen without you.




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