Social Media Tools: Which will enhance your brand?

17 07 2008

“If you don’t engage, your competition will.”

-Brian Solis, PR 2.0, “The Essential Guide to Social Media”

Choosing not to use Social Media to market is ultimately up to you, but it could result in less than desired results when growing your brand.  While working with a stealth startup group in Seattle I came across a growing concern: with all the social media/networking platforms out there which are the best to use for company/brand exposure?

My main job while there was to help the team wade through different platforms, weighing the pros and cons.  What happened instead was a collective information dump that left us mentally hyped.  Here are a couple of questions I proposed to get the ball rolling:

  1. How robust are the platforms you want to use? (i.e. how many active users, site traffic, etc)
  2. What are the main features that attract users?
  3. What are the main demographics?
  4. How are other businesses using these platforms to scale brand exposure
  5. What type of presence would your brand have on the platform (i.e. layout design)?
  6. Does your brand lend itself to Social Media Marketing, is it worth the time and effort?

Once the team answered these questions I introduced the Digital Ecosystem concept I was tinkering with.  First, the team and I mapped out what we considered to be the 15 most important social media platforms.  From here we were able to further critique their relevance to the project, and what it would take to maintain a presence within each community.  The end result was a comprehensive map and execution plan regarding how to market the company using the most relevant social media tools available.

Planning your social media marketing strategy may seem daunting as there are an endless number of tools and communities out there.  The key is to remain small at first and focus on those platforms that will accurately portray your vision. By doing so gives you a successful fighting chance against the competition.




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